Man shot 7 times after threatening police officer with knives in Tainan City

A man armed with two meat cleavers threatened police in Tainan yesterday, before being shot 7 times, just days after two police officers were stabbed to death in the city.

According to reports, a 44-year-old man, named Wu, entered the Zhaigang Police Station in Xuejia District at around 3:00 pm yesterday, Friday, August 26. Wu complained about the heat and said that he wanted to take advantage of the police station’s air conditioning. However, Wu became agitated and suddenly pulled two kitchen cleavers out of his waistband.

A police officer named Lee who was on duty at the front desk ran out of the police station and lured Wu into the front courtyard. Lee urged Wu to drop the knives before firing a warning shot in the air. Wu continued to walk towards Lee waving the two knives in a threatening manner and shouting “You can’t beat me!”

Lee fired 12 shots, hitting Wu 7 times. Wu suffered gunshot wounds to his legs, arm, and abdomen and was rushed to Chi Mei Hospital. None of Wu’s wounds were life-threatening.

Wu after being shot 7 times.
Wu was shot 7 times but none of his injuries were life-threatening.

Officer Lee said that he was on the alert when Wu entered the police station, after two officers were brutally slashed to death by a man armed with a knife in Tainan City, Monday. Lee said that it was the first time he had fired his service pistol while on duty, and that he had felt that his life was in danger.

Lee said that he fired a warning shot in the air first, then aimed at non-lethal body parts.

Tainan Police Chief Fang Yangning applauded Lee’s response, believing that the timing of the use of the gun was correct. As long as officers use their police equipment according to regulations, the police department will take care of any litigation and compensation issues, Fang said.

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One thought on “Man shot 7 times after threatening police officer with knives in Tainan City

  • September 25, 2022 at 4:34 am

    Tip my hat to the brave Officer Lee. Lured the guy out of the police station, fired warning shots, and finally decided to shoot the guy without killing him.
    In the USA ,most criminals and mentally-ill that threaten police officers aren’t so lucky.
    Police Officers in Taiwan must learn to use their pistols more often, being more willing to use deadly force to defend themselves. In the USA law enforcement personal are known to be more aggressive with criminals and delinquents, some don’t like it, but it is a dangerous profession and these officers need to go home safe to their families as well.


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