Man caught growing 186 marijuana plants ‘for his own use’

A man caught growing marijuana in Keelung City yesterday, December 20, told police that the 186 plants were for his own use.

Police raided a house on Fuyi Street, after receiving a tip-off that the 50-year-old man, named Chen, was cultivating marijuana in the building.

Police investigators found 13 mature plants, 173 seedlings, 13 bags of dried cannabis with a total weight of 549 grams, cultivation equipment, and other evidence.

The plants were grown under lights, with black cloth covering the windows, and fans used to disperse the smell.

Chen said that he had obtained the seeds and information on how to cultivate marijuana on the Internet. He said that he had no intention of selling or trafficking marijuana, but only grew for his own use. However, police remained suspicious of his statement because of the large amount of plants involved, and are continuing to investigate the case.

After interrogation, Chen was handed over to the District Prosecutor to be charged with offenses related to the production of a Category 2 class drug.

marijuana plants under grow lights
Plants under grow lights. Picture: Keelung City Police Department.

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One thought on “Man caught growing 186 marijuana plants ‘for his own use’

  • December 21, 2021 at 2:39 pm

    Somehow I don’t quite believe that some upright citizen tipped off the police just because they “smelled” something suspicious growing (or that had grown) in a pot. (I guess this is a pun.) Most folks don’t even know what it smells like anyway. It’s more like someone found out about it and then tried to hit up the grower for a cut (!) which was not forthcoming. So….off we go to the po-po, who must not be busy enough with all the crazy chemical drugs and the deadly traffic mayhem.


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