Man arrested for fatal stabbing at Kaohsiung City morning market

A man was arrested today, just 5 hours after a woman was stabbed to death in the parking lot of the Jinlong fruit and vegetable market in Kaohsiung City this morning, July 13.

A woman named Wang (王), 46, accompanied by her 20-year-old daughter, had just arrived at the market at around 8:10am, when her daughter’s boyfriend, a 21-year-old man named Han (韓), approached them and requested Wang’s daughter to leave with him.

Ms Wang refused to let her daughter leave, and Han pulled out a fruit knife.

Traffic monitor video footage showed Wang attempting to run away from the man before being stabbed in the left lower jaw and neck.

As Ms Wang collapsed, her daughter at first screamed and went down on her knees, then jumped onto the back of the knife-man’s motorcycle and left with him.

Stunned witnesses declared that it was “too cold blooded.” The daughter did not go to her mother’s aid, but escaped with the attacker.

Having been stabbed in a major artery, Wang lost vital signs at the scene before paramedics arrived, and was declared dead at the hospital at 9:12am.

At around 1:00pm, Han was arrested at his family’s home in Nanzi District. When Han’s parents opened the door to be informed that their son was a suspect in a homicide case, they were cooperative.

Han was accompanied by his girlfriend, who appeared to be unaware that her mother had died, despite blanket coverage in TV and Internet media.

According to the investigation so far, Han and Ms Wang’s daughter had been seeing each other for a couple of months, but Ms Wang was opposed to the relationship.

Ms Wang had described Han as “small and black,” causing Han to feel insulted.

United Daily News reported a male witness to the killing who suspected the killer was a Vietnamese migrant worker.

It turned out that Han was actually a native Taiwanese, and although of small stature, his skin is relatively fair.

Suspect arrested for fatal stabbing. Picture: United Daily News.

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Sources: Liberty Times Network, United Daily News.

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One thought on “Man arrested for fatal stabbing at Kaohsiung City morning market

  • July 17, 2019 at 7:25 am

    This is why I still approve of the death penalty even if it is contrary to public opinion. We don’t need killers like these on the streets. Are you willing to take the chance against them killing again after rehab and parole? Same goes for those pleading insanity. It’s just a cop out. We need to access the potential danger of the recidivism of violent crimes. Insane or not, we need to either execute these people because of the danger they pose or effectively isolate them from society until they die. The most economical and safest solution is execution.

    People now live in fear of even expressing their opinion just because they have no idea whether or not other parties will become unhinged and commit violent murder. The recent stabbing victim may have made some allegedly rude comments but that by no means even slightly justifies the killer’s actions. Death for the killer and at least we know there will be one less potential danger to the public to deal with. The same goes for the man who stabbed the police officer on the train.

    I may feel sorry for the killers’ families to lose a loved one but we just can’t allow these unstable and undoubtedly violent people to live in society. We also should not have to waste money and resources to rehabilitate and isolate them from society. We should not allow correction officers and others to face such long term safety risks just to possibly rehabilitate someone who has been proven to commit violent murder. We need to consider the responsibility to the public before considering the needs of the criminal. There may be mitigating circumstances like those in self-defence cases or maybe the defence established reasonable doubt but those can be dealt with by giving prison time. However, in the recent two stabbing cases, both should be given death sentences.


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