Machine Pistol Seized During Roadside Check

A Zoraki 914 automatic pistol was confiscated by police after a driver was pulled over for running a red light in Changhua City shortly after midnight today, November 5.

While submitting the driver to an alcohol breath test, police noticed a case on the floor of the vehicle which the driver said contained a power tool. Police insisted on searching the box and found it contained an assault pistol, magazines, a silencer, and 48 rounds of ammunition.

The Zoraki 914, also known as the 9mm P.A.K., is a gas-fired pistol originally designed to fire blanks, tear-gas, or flares, but is easily converted to fire live rounds. Four Zoraki 914s along with other firearms were seized just a few days ago in New Taipei City.

The confiscated assault pistol is capable of firing 10 rounds per second and associated equipment included a long magazine that can accommodate 30 rounds.

The suspect was arrested and charged with violations of weapons control regulations.

text stating that there are no gun crimes in Taiwan
There are no gun crimes in Taiwan… myths are easily perpetrated in the absence of information. Taiwan English News is minding the gap.
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