Louts Smash Up Family Car and Beat Up Dad After Car Accident

A gang of youths chased down a van carrying a man, his pregnant wife, a one year-old infant, and two male passengers, and smashed it up last night. All 5 occupants of the van were sent to hospital for treatment after the incident.

At around 11:00pm a Mazda sedan carrying a group of young people and traveling at high speed lost control and smashed into the guardrail on National Highway 3 between Nantou and Taichung. A Mercedes Benz then rear-ended the vehicle. The accident occurred after the first car tried to dodge a small van.

An eyewitness said that several vehicles were traveling at high speed and one of them smashed into the guardrail after dodging the van.

The driver of the van, believing he was not involved in the accident attempted to leave the scene. Another car carrying friends of the car that hit the guardrail took off after the van and cut it off several hundred meters from the scene of the accident. During the altercation that followed, the youths took baseball bats out of their vehicle and smashed up the van. The driver was hit and cut on the arm. The driver’s pregnant wife was shoved when she tried to protect her husband. Another male was hit on the head.

The Central News Agency reported today that the occupants of the Mazda and Mercedes Benz were from Hualian County and were racing on the highway on their way home from Kenting. Twelve people were taken in for questioning suspected of injury, damage, public danger, and obstruction of freedom.

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