Live fire exercise strengthens Taiwan’s anti-landing capabilities

Live fire military exercises designed to strengthen Taiwan’s anti-landing defense capabilities kicked off the second day of a month-long series of military drills involving the ROC air, navy, and army forces.

The exercise began before dawn on the coast of Taichung with a cardinal II UAV taking off to carry out joint surveillance. IDF fighters and Ching Chiang class (Jin-Jiang) patrol ships fired missiles at “enemy ships” off the west coast.

Thunderbolt 2000 missiles and M110A2 self-propelled howitzers fired from land, while assault helicopters attacked from the air as dawn broke, and M60A3 battle tanks and infantry fire simulated shore landing counter-attack operations.

Mirage fighter jets took off from Hsinchu Air Base in rainy conditions and headed north to defend the nation’s capital, Taipei City.

While Taiwan’s military regularly stages military drills, the current exercises adopt new tactics aiming at “defending against a possible Chinese invasion” Major General Yeh Kuo-hui, Taiwan Ministry of Defense planning chief said.

artillery fire from howitzers
M110A2 self-propelled howitzers fire during a military exercises in Taichung. Picture: Ministry of Defense.
mirage fighters on runway
Mirage fighters take of from Hsinchu Air Base, January 17, 2019. Picture: Ministry of defense.

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