Kaohsiung Police Fire 16 Shots: Arrest Armed Suspect

Sixteen shots were fired when a suspect about to be arrested pulled a pistol out of his backpack. The suspect was shot in the right arm, while an innocent bystander was hit by a stray bullet.

At around 11:50am, police swooped on a residence in Qieding District of Kaohsiung City to arrest a 51 year-old man named Shang. Shang, who had a history of firearms and organized crime related offenses, including shootings, had been wanted by police for a long time. When investigators found out he had been seen in Qieding District, they immediately sent a team to make an arrest.

Shang resisted arrest and reached into a black backpack to grab a handgun. Police responded and fired at the suspect. Sixteen shots were fired, one of which hit Shang in the right arm.

A 37 year-old woman named Tong, who was accompanied by her daughter, had been riding a scooter, and had stopped to take shelter from the rain. When shots rang out, Ms Tong at first thought that someone was setting off firecrackers. However, Tong then saw an armed police officer and realized that a shootout was underway. Tong grabbed her daughter and took off on the scooter, but was hit in the waist by a stray bullet.

The suspect and Ms Tong were both rushed to hospital and are not in danger after treatment.

Police found four pistols in the suspect’s backpack.

firearms confiscated after arrest
Firearms found in the possession of suspect.

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