Injured Man Spends Night in Cave

A man fell into a 10 meter deep hole while exploring a cave in Kaohsiung Saturday, and was rescued on Sunday, after someone noticed his backpack, and heard his cries for help.

Mr Tu (涂), 58, lost his grip on a rope and fractured his femur while exploring a cave in Gushan District. Unable to move, he spent the night in severe pain at the bottom of the cave.

At around 10:00am, someone noticed an abandoned backpack in the cave, and upon investigation, heard Mr. Tu’s feeble cries for help. The man called emergency services.

Firefighters lifted Mr. Tu out of the cave on a stretcher after immobilizing his left leg.

injured man on SKED stretcher being rescued from cave
Firefighters rescue a man from a cave in Kaohsiung using a SKED stretcher, Sunday, March 19, 2017
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