Indian press hits back at China’s attempt to dictate what and how it reports regarding Taiwan

Senior editors at India’s World is one News (WION) struck back after the Chinese Embassy sent a letter protesting an interview conducted with Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, October 21.

The letter sent by the Chinese Embassy to the New Delhi based media outlet “lodges firm opposition and strong protest against WION providing [a] platform for Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority separatist activities.”

Ironically, the content of the letter, which WION Executive Editor Palki Sharma posted on Twitter, actually confirmed comments made by Taiwan’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu, during the interview.

“China is trying to export its authoritarian order,” Wu said in the interview, while pointing out that Taiwan happens to be on the frontline.

China’s letter of protest accused WION’s interview with Mr Wu of violating the One-China principle. The interview “sent [a] completely wrong message to Indian people” while “disregarding the Indian government’s long-standing position.”

India constitutes the most populous democracy in the world, yet the Chinese authorities appeared to misunderstand how independent media works in a democratic country.

The letter, issued by the Spokesperson of the Embassy of China in India, Ji Rong, urged the media outlet to “stick to [the] Indian government’s position on [the] Taiwan question and not violate the One-China principle by providing [a] platform for those with ulterior motives.”

Along with Palki Sharma’s copy of the letter, Sharma tweeted “…on the One-China policy. What about one-India? Can China start by admitting that Kashmir, Ladakh & Arunachal Pradesh are parts of India? Respecting sovereignty is a two-way street.”

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