Hiker suspected shot by stray bullet from military firing range

A man hiking on a mountain in Kaohsiung City yesterday is suspected to have been shot in the ankle by a stray bullet from a military firing range 1.2 kilometers away.

A 66-year-old man named Chen was hiking alone on a trail at Chai Shan at around 10:00 am, Friday, December 11, when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his left ankle. Chen found that he was bleeding, and began to descend the mountain.

Around 100 meters down the trail, Mr Chen ran into other hikers who helped him call 119 for help.

Chen was taken to hospital where doctors judged the wound to have been caused by a bullet.

Police investigators combed the area where Chen was suspected to have been shot and found a .50 caliber machine gun bullet.

50 caliber machine gun bullet
Bullet found on Chai Shan.

The investigation also found that the Marine Corps Amphibious Reconnaissance Brigade had been training at the shooting range between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm.

According to reports, a similar incident occurred in the same location in November 2000, when a man was accidentally shot and injured by a stray bullet from the shooting range.

The military has suspended live firing at the range while the investigation continues.

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