Hiker rescued after 10-day search

A man reported missing after failing to return from a hike November 10 was rescued after meeting a search party at a remote location in Pingtung County this morning, November 20.

Song Rui-xiong, 60, was reported missing by his family on November 11, after he failed to return from a 1 day hike to the top of Pingding Mountain in Pingtung County.

Search and rescue personnel located Song’s car at the trail head and began a ground and air search operation November 11.

search party in mountains of Pingtung County
Search party searching for missing hiker in Pingtung County. Picture: Facebook

Song said that he set off on a one day hike at around 7:00am on November 10, but became disoriented on his return from the top of the mountain. Song was out of cellphone range, and his phone ran out of power. Unable to make contact with the outside world, Song decided to spend the night and await rescue.

The following day, Song attempted to climb a small cliff, but grabbed a loose stone and fell, losing his glasses in the process. He then camped in a small cave.

On the third day, Song spotted a rescue party in the distance. He stood on a large rock, waved his hat and shouted, but the rescue party did not see him.

search and rescue team in Pingtung County, Taiwan
A team searching for missing hiker Song Rui-xiong. Picture: Pingtung County Fire Bureau.

Remembering information he had gleaned from watching a Discovery Channel documentary, Song then decided to head downstream. Today, he was found by a search team consisting of local aboriginal hunters in the riverbed of the Qijia River.

During his ordeal, Song chewed on grass roots to maintain his energy.

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