Farmers Frustrated as Monkeys Steal Piglets and Run Amok

[Cover Picture: United Daily News]

A farmer in Yunlin’s Douliu District expressed frustration today that Formosan Macaques were running amok on farms, and not only damaging crops, but invading people’s homes and animal sheds.

The farmer, Mr Wu, has personally witnessed monkeys take newborn piglets to use them as playthings.

Farmers feel they have no way to effectively deal with the monkey problem.

In the pictures associated with this story a piglet was taken by a juvenile macaque who sat with his mother on a wall. When the squealing pig escaped and leaped to the ground, the young monkey pounced on it and jumped back onto the wall.

When the farmer frightened the monkeys away, they dropped the pig from the wall. Having fallen off the wall twice, the piglet was injured and dying.

monkey with piglet
A juvenile Formosan macaque is seen with a kidnapped piglet. Picture: Wu Yuying via UDN.
injured piglet
An injured piglet is seen after being used as a plaything by a monkey. Picture: Wu Yuying via UDN.
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