Family Trapped in Central Mountains: Rescue Helicopter Grounded

A family of five may have to wait 5 to 6 days before a rescue team can reach them in a remote mountain location, after a helicopter was unable to take off due to bad weather.

The Lin family were hiking across Taiwan’s central mountains from Hualien when Mr Lin, 58, began to suffer gastrointestinal bleeding, leading to bloody diarrhea and physical weakness. Mr Lin is accompanied by his wife and three children, aged 17, 15, and 13.

Nantou County Fire Department dispatched a helicopter after receiving a call from a satellite-phone at 3:05pm yesterday, January 31. The department dispatched a helicopter, but it was unable to take off due to bad weather. the Fire Department dispatched a rescue team on foot. However, it is expected to take 5 to 6 days to reach the family.

Rescuers hope the weather improves before then so a helicopter can reach them. The Lin family are sheltering in a hiker’s cabin.

google map of xinyi township area
Location of a family of 5 stranded in the mountains, according to Liberty Times Network. Photo: Liberty Times Network/Google.

Sources: Liberty Times Network, CD News

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