Elderly Man Murders Wife over Affair Suspicion

A 76 year-old man in Changhua County was arrested yesterday after killing his 72 year-old wife with a hammer.

Mr Ho (何), a resident of Dacun Township became suspicious that his wife, who frequently left the house to exercise, was in fact, seeing another man. During a quarrel yesterday afternoon, Mr Ho attacked his wife with a hammer and killed her.

After sitting with his wife’s lifeless body for four hours, Ho called his son-in-law, told him about the killing, and asked him to help make funeral arrangements. The son-in-law called the police.

When police arrived at the scene they found the body of Mrs Ho laying in a pool of blood on the ground floor of the two story house.

Mr Ho is said to be suffering from chronic illnesses including diabetes and high blood pressure. His son-in-law told police that Ho took a lot of drugs, and that he suspected this affected Ho’s mental state. He said that his father in law was always suspicious.

Mr Ho suffered mobility problems and was mostly housebound. His wife however, went out every day to exercise. Ho believed that his wife was seeking the company of members of the opposite sex. The couple, who had been married for over 50 years, had frequently argued over the issue.

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