Drunk truck driver rams cop during police chase

The driver of a semi-trailer is facing a range of charges, including attempted murder, after he reversed into an officer on a police scooter in Taichung City yesterday, March 5.

At around 2:00pm, an officer named Liu attempted to pull the driver over after he was observed going through a red light in Tanzi District, but the driver failed to stop, and led the officer on a chase, speeding along narrow country lanes narrowly missing cars, scooters and cyclists.

At one point in the chase, the truck driver, Mr Wang, 56, stopped abruptly, then reversed into officer Liu, knocking the scooter over, and forcing Liu to jump for his life.

The officer, with an injured knee and foot, drew his police revolver and fired four shots at the rear tires and cabin of the truck.

Wang kept driving, and while Liu was unable to continue on the damaged scooter, the driver of an SUV offered to assist, and Officer Liu jumped into the passenger seat to follow the truck until police back-up arrived.

Wang abandoned the truck a short time later and attempted to hide in a roadside ditch behind some long grass. After police found him face down in the ditch, Wang continued to resist arrest and had to be suppressed by the officers.

After his arrest, Wang was administered an alcohol breath test and found to have a BrAC level of 0.37mg/l. Incuded among the charges Wang faces are public endangerment, obstructing an official, and attempted murder.

police shoots at truck
Police cam image of police officer shooting at truck. Taichung City Police Bureau.
man hides in a ditch after leading police on a chase
Mr Wang attempted to hide in a ditch but his ruse was foiled by police.

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Sources: SETN, United Daily News,

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