Cyclist Circumnavigates Taiwan on a Ubike (YouBike)

(Correction: UBike is a popular way of spelling the name, but the official name is YouBike)
A man cycled around Taiwan in 4 days on one of Taipei’s popular rental bikes – the Ubike. The total rental cost for the round-island journey was more than $7000NTD(USD $214). An expert cyclist, Xu Cheng-yu had previously ridden around the island nine times. However, he wanted to show that you don’t need an expensive or fancy bike to do it, so he decided to try it on the popular bright orange, rather heavy, three-gear Ubike. He pointed out that while you don’t need a fancy bike, you do need the training.

Mr. Xu started his journey at midnight March 10, departing from Banciao’s Xinpu MRT station and arrived in Kaohsiung at 7 pm that night. He finally returned to Taipei on March 13, having accumulated more than $7000NT. The cost for Ubike starts at free for the first 30 minutes (this is being increased to $5NT), $10NT per 30 minutes the first four hours, $20NT per 30 minutes from the fourth to the eighth hour, and thereafter $80NT per hour.

In 2013, another man rode a Ubike accross the island traversing route 14 which reaches elevations over 3000 meters above sea level. After arriving in Hualien, he took the Ubike on a train to Luodong in Ilan County, then rode back to Taipei.

A cyclist being interviewed in Taipei after a round island trip on a Ubike
Cyclist Xu Cheng-yu (許承宇) is seen being interviewed in Taipei after completing a round-island trip on a Ubike in just four days.

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