Couple Dies During Car Sex

New Taipei City, Chonghe District. Police were called to a scene in Chonghe City after two people were noticed motionless in a car at around 6:00pm this evening.

According to Apple Daily, the BMW had been parked in the spot since Sunday evening. A man and a woman were found with the lower halves of their bodies naked. Police said the woman appears to have been giving the man oral sex when she died.

The couple has been described as ‘around 40 years old.’

Hypoxia caused by poor air circulation, or carbon monoxide poisoning caused by exhaust gases entering the vehicle are the suspected cause of death.

Last week, 2 private detectives suffocated while sitting in an air-conditioned but unventilated car in Chiayi County.

On Wednesday, April 26, 46 year-old Mr Wu, and 32 year-old Mr Wang were found dead in a car that had been idling for 4 hours. Mr Wang was found with his phone carrying the last message he had sent to a friend using Line. The message read that he felt hot and uncomfortable.

Sources: United Daily News, Liberty Times Network, Apple Daily

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One thought on “Couple Dies During Car Sex

  • May 3, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    If you both die; I’m pretty sure you doing it wrong.


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