Cops mull fine after cyclist hits 130 kph on jet-powered bicycle in Tainan City

A resident of Tainan City fitted a bicycle with a jet engine, and received a visit from police after a video of him reaching 130 kilometers per hour on the improvised vehicle spread on social media.

Mr Wang said that it was his childhood dream to have a remote controlled aircraft, but he didn’t have the financial resources until he grew up. Recently, he came up with the idea of installing a remote control model aircraft jet engine on a bicycle, and began to research the project.

Wang, who has been dubbed the “Tainan Ironman” in the local media, purchased a carbon fiber frame bicycle worth NT$180,000 (US$6503), and had a university professor friend design a special frame so he could mount a jet engine on the bike.

Wang spent three weeks mounting a 5 kilogram jet engine and fuel tank to the bicycle before taking it for a test run on a quiet road in the middle of the night.

The quiet of the evening was shattered when Wang’s jet engine produced 133 decibels while propelling him to a speed of 130 kilometers per hour for 30 seconds.

Police visited Wang after learning of his exploits and issued him a warning, saying that his vehicle may have breached provisions of the Road Traffic Management Regulations and Penalty Act; namely article 72, paragraph 2:

“Should a slow-moving vehicle be altered without permission, or its safety equipment such as brakes, bells, lights, or reflective devices not kept intact and in good condition, the vehicle’s owner shall be fined NT$180 [US$6.50].”

Mr Wang and his jet-powered bicycle
Mr Wang and his jet-powered bicycle.
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