Cops Arrest Man Who Robbed Woman at Knife-point

Police arrested a man in Taoyuan within 30 hours of his robbing a woman at knife-point. Investigators say the man’s distinctive skull and crossbones jacket made it easy to trace the thief using traffic and surveillance cameras.

On the evening of September 19, the 41 year-old Mr Zhang donned his skull and bones jacket, and armed with a combat knife, set out on his mission.

First, Zhang stole a motorcycle license plate and hung it on his own scooter. Then he rode around looking for a target.

At around 2:30am, September 20, Zhang spotted a 33 year-old woman, Ms Tsai, who was carrying a large designer-style bag. Tsai was standing on the roadside chatting with a friend.

Zhang pulled up and brandished his weapon, threatening Ms Tsai, and taking her bag.

Ms Tsai’s bag contained NT$300,000. Tsai said the robbery happened so quickly, and she was so terrified, that all she could remember about the bandit was his distinctive skull and bones jacket.

By the time police caught up with the perpetrator, he had already used the money to pay off a loan and a credit card debt. Only NT$2,000 was left.

man wearing skull and bones jacket in elevator
A man wearing a skull and bones jacket was easily traced by police using traffic and and surveillance camera footage.
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