Cook Re-Arrested for Attempted Murder of Cop

A teppanyaki cook who was released on bail after a vicious knife attack on a police officer in Banciao yesterday was re-arrested this afternoon, and will remain in custody.

Wu Zhizhan (吳志展), 56, attacked the officer with a meat-cleaver after being issued fines for his illegally parked vehicle. Video of the crime shows a vicious and frenzied attack which the police officer was lucky to have survived.

Police and the public were shocked to awake to the news this morning that the perpetrator had been released at around 1:00am on a bail of just NT$300,000. The judge had pointed out that Wu had turned himself in and was not considered a flight risk.

Police submitted evidence today and received a warrant to arrest Wu. He was taken to court for a hearing. The judge overturned the bail ruling and stated that the ruling had been made only with consideration of a statute, and had not considered social expectations. He also added that while Wu had turned himself in, he had only done so after the exhortations of his family, after he had originally fled the scene of the crime, and therefore he could not be considered to not be a flight risk.

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One thought on “Cook Re-Arrested for Attempted Murder of Cop

  • August 5, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Pscyhiatric evaluation appears called-for. (said very tongue-in-cheek with much eyeball rolling)


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