City Councilor breaks 53 chopsticks with his butt after losing bet on Kaohsiung City Mayoral recall

A Taipei City councilor broke 53 chopsticks between his buttocks today, after betting that a recent election to recall the Kaohsiung City Mayor would get no more than 400,000 yes votes.

Before the June 6 recall election, the “Cant Stop This Party” councilor Chiu Wei-chieh (邱威傑) promised that if there were several tens of thousands of votes over his prediction he would break several chopsticks with his ass.

Unfortunately for Chiu, Mayor Han was ousted with 939,090 votes in favor of the recall. With every 10,000 votes over his prediction counting as one chopstick, Chiu fulfilled his promise today by breaking 53 chopsticks in his butt crack.

Dressed in only a t-shirt, underpants, and socks, Chiu performed the stunt on video while explaining his “iron butt” technique. Chiu’s technique involves putting the chopstick through his underwear, then giving him self a wedgie while tensing his gluteus maximus.

Chiu had learned the technique after he saw the trick performed on a Japanese television show.

During the performance, Chiu demonstrated that he could break two, three, four, and even 5 chopsticks at a time.

Taipei City Councilor Chiu Wei-chieh shows his superpowers, with the ability to break chopsticks with his buttocks

Chiu succeeded in meeting his target of 53 broken chopsticks despite being stabbed by the broken, splintered end of one of the chopsticks.

After performing the feat, Chiu said that although he had achieved the goal of breaking 53 chopsticks with his buttocks, it is not he who is really powerful, but the more than 939,000 people to went out to vote in Kaohsiung City on June 6.

As well as serving as a city councilor, Chiu is a YouTuber who hosted the NSFW channel before being elected in the 2018 nationwide municipal elections.

In November last year, Chiu co-founded the Cant Stop This Party, promising to bring big laughter to this small country. The party was officially approved by the Ministry of the Interior February, 2020.

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