Chinese unification by military force advocate deported from Taiwan

A Chinese scholar who urges the government of China to take Taiwan by military force was deported this morning, April 12, after his tourist visa was cancelled yesterday.

Li Yi (李毅), who identifies himself as “an American sociologist”, came to Taiwan under the guise of tourism, but was found to be due to appear as a speaker at a China unification support parade to be held in Taichung City tomorrow, Saturday, April 13.

The parade, to be followed by a “Peaceful Integration and Development Forum,” is being organized by the China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association. Li’s name and photograph appeared on posters promoting the event, naming him as a speaker in the forum.

Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌), ordered an investigation by the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), and the National Immigration Agency (NIA). The NIA cancelled Li’s tourist visa at noon yesterday.

NIA Director-General Chiu Feng-kuang said that Li Yi came to Taiwan to participate in activities that were inconsistent with the purpose of his visa.

Immigration officers arrested Li at a B&B homestay in Zhushan Township, Nantou County shortly after midnight today.

The officers took Li to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport where he departed on a flight to Hong Kong at 7:25am. Before boarding the flight, Li, dressed in military-style camouflage pants and a dress shirt, claimed that he did not know about the pro-unification event to be held tomorrow, and did not meet with members of the China Peaceful Reunification Association.

Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung (徐國勇) said that according to visa regulations covering people traveling from China for tourism purposes, it is stipulated that they are not allowed to participate in public activities of a political nature. Moreover, considering Li’s many remarks in the past about the use of military force to unify Taiwan and China, these facts are harmful to national security and social stability.

Li is a regular contributor to the Chinese patriotic web portal, Chawang, where he writes articles promoting the unification of Taiwan with China using military force. On the Chawang website, Li’s bio identifies him as “an American sociologist.

Li’s Military Strategy for Taking Taiwan

In articles by Li, accessed by Taiwan English News, Li promotes what he calls “the Beiping Method,” of annexing Taiwan by military force.

In one article, Li notes that China has a population of 1.4 billion, compared to Taiwan’s 23 million, an economic output 22 times larger, and a military expenditure 15 times larger. Since around 2012, China has had the capacity to take Taiwan by military force in just three days.

In another article, in which Li praises Kaohsiung Mayor, Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜 ) as “Taiwan’s Trump, Taiwan’s Putin, Taiwan’s Duterte,” Li points out that within five years, China will have four aircraft carrier fleets, at which point, it will be able to “calmly resolve the Taiwan issue.”

At that point, “the entire military force of China will complete the war for unification, placing two aircraft carrier fleets off eastern Taiwan, one to the north, and one to the south.”

This will culminate in “peaceful reunification,” the implementation of “one country, two systems,” and the accomplishment of “the sacred cause of the reunification of the motherland,” Li wrote.

Li: If Han Kuo-yu is elected President, “I (may) be back”

After arriving in Hong Kong, Li told waiting media reporters that he was deported because of the upcoming Taiwan elections. “If Han Kuo-yu is elected I will have a chance of visiting Taiwan again,” he said.

Li was also aggrieved that Chinese people can only stay 15 days on a tourist visa in Taiwan, while “foreigners” can stay 100 to 200 days.

“As long as China is not unified, it is very sad,” he said.

poster promoting a pro-China unification parade and forum to be held in Taichung City
A poster promoting a parade and forum promoting the unification of Taiwan and China, with Li Yi slated as a key speaker, and described as “an American sociologist.

Sources: Liberty Times Network, United Daily News, Chawang, New Talk.

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