Chinese Propaganda Parade: Celebrating 70 Years of Military Defeat.

This week in Beijing, bus lines were placed under transport restrictions, hospitals were put under an order to provide emergency treatment only, and television stations were under order to show only programs related to World War II and the Victory Day celebrations organized by the CCP.

World War II was re-branded as ‘The anti-fascist War’, with particular focus on ‘the war of resistance against Japanese aggression’.

The parade was publicized as being an international event with participants from 17 nations. The Chinese media emphasized that this was indeed, an international event as proved by the participation of ‘foreigners’. Official channels pointed out that this parade was the first to include ‘foreign troops’, including representatives of Belarus, Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Mongolia, Serbia, Tajikistan, and Russia. It was also noted that Vanuatu, and another 6 South Pacific countries had sent ‘up to 7’ representatives. The Kyrgyz National Guard Commander was quoted as saying, “May 9th and September 3rd are important dates for China and the world: it is the victory of justice over evilness…”

A Stalinesque spectacle ensued, as the victors over fascism goosestepped past the current chairman of the CCP and his honored guests, including Russian president Vladimir Putin, who all seemed quite bored with the proceedings.

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