Chinese man arrives in Taipei on a speedboat, sparking security concerns

An investigation has been launched into the possible dereliction of duty of coast guard and naval personnel after a Chinese man in a speedboat breached an “Iron Defense Triangle,” and landed at the mouth of the river that leads to the nation’s capital.

According to reports, coast guard officers arrested a Chinese national at Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf following reports that a speedboat had collided with a ferry as it was berthing at around 11:00 am, yesterday, June 9.

Taiwan’s National Coast Guard Administration said that it had detected on radar a suspicious vessel 6 nautical miles off the northwest coast at around 9:00 am. The coast guard then notified security checkpoints at Tamsui and Bali to strengthen surveillance. However, there appears to have been no attempt to intercept the vessel.

The 60-year-old Chinese man, named Ruan, was interrogated by the coast guard and police. Ruan, who is from the coastal Fujian Province, claimed that the Chinese government had restricted him from leaving the country after he criticized the government on social media. Ruan said that he was politically persecuted and had come to Taiwan seeking freedom.

After interrogation, Ruan was handed over to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office to face charges of violating entry and immigration laws.

Chinese illegal arrival handcuffed and led between coast guard officer and police officer
Picture credit: National Coast Guard Administration.

Defense Failure

The ability of one man on a small boat to reach the Tamsui River has raised serious concerns about national defense. Questions have been raised as to why the boat was only detected when it came as close as just 6 miles offshore, and why there was no intercept.

The mouth of the Tamsui River is considered an “Iron Defense Triangle” protecting the economic and political capital of Taipei City. There are military bases and key defense facilities on both sides of the river mouth at Tamsui and Bali. There are also frequent military exercises focused on the area’s defense.

According to United Daily News, the National Security Bureau has launched an investigation into possible dereliction of duty of coast guard and naval personnel.

China is watching

Some commentators expressed concern that the speedboat driver may have been sent by Beijing to probe Taiwan’s defenses. Defense experts say that regardless of the man’s intentions, Beijing is watching, and the People’s Liberation Army will analyze the incident to determine Taiwan’s defense vulnerabilities.

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One thought on “Chinese man arrives in Taipei on a speedboat, sparking security concerns

  • June 11, 2024 at 1:07 am

    China and Russia are sharing useful bits of info regarding how to best infiltrate Ukraine and Taiwan. Human smuggling groups – some with only financial motives – others with purely political ones, maintaining a mafia link that was useful to the KGB and now the FSB and GRU. Such groups have helped Ukrainian men avoid conscription by way of the Dnieper River, and therefore, are fully aware that infiltrating Ukraine via the same
    route (in reverse) is very doable – especially if personal propulsion devices and Scuba tanks are utilized.


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