National Science and Technology Museum Unveils Tallest Slide in Asia

[Picture: National Science and Technology Museum] The National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung has installed “three dimensional spiraling slide 2.0” which they claim is Asia’s tallest slide. The slide is 27 meters high, 63 meters long, and takes sliders on a 16 second ride reaching a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Version 2.0 replaces an 18 meter high, 46 meter long slide installed in 2015. The slide takes riders from the 6th floor down to basement level. It

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Filmed in Taiwan: Trailer for Scorsese’s “Silence” Released

Paramount Pictures released the official trailer for Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” yesterday, providing a preview to the sets and locations used around Taiwan, where the movie was filmed in 2015. Paramount announced the film will appear in theaters December 2016. Scorsese chose to shoot the film in Taiwan after talking to Taiwan-born director Ang Lee. Lee filmed “Life of Pi” on the island. Taiwan provided a suitable, and much cheaper location to film the story, which is set in 17th century

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Coldplay to Play in Taiwan April 2017

November 8 Liberty Times Network Reported that concert organizers Live Nation had confirmed Coldplay will perform in Taiwan April 2017 as part of their Asian Tour beginning late March. According to the Chinese language report, Live Nation said the tour dates would be announced next Tuesday, November 15, and that the concert would be held at an outdoor venue in Taoyuan, due to a lack of suitable venues in Taipei City. Apple Daily reported November 11 that the concert is

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Starr Chen/Jolin Music Video Draws Flak

Some students, and alumni of Zhongshan Girls High School in Taipei are incensed by the use of school uniforms bearing the school’s name in a new music video produced by Starr Chen, with vocals by Jolin Tsai. The music video “Ego-holic” features bullying as the theme, and shows the story of a fat girl being bullied and physically beaten by other girls at school. Complaints first arose about “Jolin’s new music video,” and were directed at the singer herself. The

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Thunderbirds Are Go! Goes to Air in Taiwan

The rebooted series of the Thunderbirds – Thunderbirds Are Go!, will begin airing on PTS Taiwan starting Wednesday September 14. The show will air Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00pm. Taipei City will feature in Episode 2, when the city is threatened after a solar-collector dish is knocked askew by an earthquake. The solar collector is positioned so that at sunrise it will reflect a concentrated beam of light on the city, burning it to the ground. The original Thunderbirds

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Queen to Rock Taipei September 19

British rock band Queen will perform at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall on September 19 as part of an Asian tour that will also include performances in Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. The announcement was made on the band’s website and Facebook page Wednesday July 13. The band formed 46 years ago in 1970, and today retains two of the four original members – Brian May and Roger Taylor, and includes vocalist Adam Lambert, Rufus Tiger Taylor(son of Roger

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