Cat Survives being Shot with Crossbow

A cat in Dahu Township, Miaoli County survived being shot with a crossbow bolt several days ago, and police said they found no evidence to positively link the shooting with a suspect neighbor.

At around 9:00am, August 2, the owner of the cat heard it crying in the living room, and found the cat, “Ginger,” had a crossbow bolt protruding from its left shoulder. The cat was rushed to a veterinarian who removed the crossbow bolt. Fortunately, the weapon had not penetrated the spine or vital organs.

The cat owner reported the incident to the Miaoli Animal Care and Health Office, and police, telling them that he suspected a nearby resident, named Peng, who owned a crossbow, was the likely culprit.

Police interviewed Peng, who was found to legally own the crossbow. Peng denied shooting the animal, and police could not find any evidence positively linking Peng with the incident.

Director of the Miaoli County Animal Care and Health Office, Zhang Junyi (張俊義) said that shooting a cat with a crossbow constituted a violation of the Animal Protection Act and was punishable with a fine of NT$200,000 and NT$2 million, or up to two years in prison.

X-ray showing crossbow bolt
X-ray showing crossbow bolt
Crossbow bolt removed from cat.
Crossbow bolt removed from cat.
Cat recuperating after being shot with crossbow.
Cat recuperating after being shot with crossbow.
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