Car Falls into a 9 Meter Deep Shaft: Driver Rescued.

Hsinchu: What would have been a normal everyday kind of car accident in Taiwan made the headlines today when a driver trying to avoid another driver reversing into oncoming traffic, not only failed to avoid the reversing vehicle, but careered into a 9 meter deep shaft in the middle of the road.

The car landed upside down in water, but rescuers managed to save the man.

The man, who suffers disabilities caused by childhood polio, was taken by surprise when a woman reversed into oncoming traffic, completely disregarding other road users. Rescuers fitted the man with a harness and lifted him out of the shaft.


A man is lifted to the surface in a car accident rescue in Hsinchu County, Taiwan

A man is lifted to the surface after his car careered into a 9 meter deep shaft

A car turned upside down after falling 9 meters into a shaft
A car upside down at the bottom of a construction shaft. Fortunately, the driver survived the accident
A woman is seen with her damaged vehicle after causing an accident where another driver fell  into a 9 meter deep shaft
The driver who caused the accident being questioned by police.

Sources: CTi, Apple Daily

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One thought on “Car Falls into a 9 Meter Deep Shaft: Driver Rescued.

  • April 8, 2016 at 2:40 am

    whaa da fu..? who put that easily driven into car size hole there anyway? i wanna see a report on per capita wacky news reports per country. taiwans gotta be up there


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