Brother Arrested After Gruesome Murder in Taichung

[Cover Picture: China Times]

The younger brother of a murder victim was arrested yesterday after police found blood in his car.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, June 1, a security guard found a partially burnt corpse on a road in Hsitun District in Taichung. Police forensics found the man’s throat had been cut, and both his hands had been cut off. The hands were missing.

Police also found 6 dice around the body, and at first suspected the murder may have been related to gambling fraud.

Although the murder victim’s face was burned beyond recognition, investigators found an unburned identity card in a back pocket. The card identified the corpse as belonging to a 48 year-old man surnamed Lin. However, DNA evidence identified the corpse as belonging to Lin’s 56 year-old brother.

The younger Lin, was arrested at around 9:30 pm June 2 after police identified a car using traffic monitor footage. On investigation, traces pointing to a large quantity of blood were found in the car.

Police suspect that the victim was murdered in the car, after which the suspect dragged the body onto the road, poured gasoline over the face and upper body, and set it alight.

The suspect was found to be on the wanted list for fraud-related crimes.

scene of cremation after murder
A crime scene where a body was burned on a public road in Taichung. Picture: Now News.

Sources: China Times, Apple Daily

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