Boy’s body found in same stream his sister drowned last summer

The body of a 6-year-old boy was found wedged under a rock in Wulai District’s Nanshi River this morning, 10 days after he went missing August 26. The incident occurred at the same spot his 6-year-old sister drowned last year.

On July 29, 2018, a 6-year-old girl from the Jian family sneaked away from her grandmother’s home with her 7-year-old cousin. The two girls went to the riverbank 30 meters from the house to play in the water of the fast-flowing river.

As the girls lost their footing and were washed downriver, the 7-year-old managed to clamber onto rocks, and was rescued around 100 meters downstream, but the younger girl disappeared. Her body was found 4 days later after an extensive search.

After his daughter’s drowning, Mr Jian, a 39-year-old divorced father of three, banned his remaining two children from going near the river.

However, at around 3:00pm, August 26 this year, Mr Jian went to catch fish to give his disabled, elderly mother to sell in order to supplement the family’s low income. Jian’s son begged to go with him.

Jian left his son on the riverbank, and warned him not to go near the water. After tossing his net, Mr Jian turned around to find his son missing.

At around 10:00am this morning, September 4, volunteer firefighters, consisting of local aboriginal people, located the boy’s body wedged under a rock around two kilometers downstream of where he went missing.

Firefighters retrieve body of boy who drowned in Wulai District, New Taipei City.
Picture: New Taipei City Fire Department.

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Sources: United Daily News, Liberty Times Network.

Cover photo: New Taipei City Fire Department.

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