Biggest marijuana plantation in Taiwan’s history busted in Nantou County

Taichung City Police Department announced today that it had seized at total of 1,361 cannabis plants in what is considered to be the largest marijuana growing operation uncovered in the history of Taiwan law enforcement.

According to police report, an investigation began in July this year after a dealer was arrested in Taichung City. Police investigators traced the source of the cannabis up several levels, implicating dealers in Kaohsiung City, and eventually leading to a suspect named Liu in Nantou County’s Lugu Township.

A raid of Liu’s house on August 6 uncovered 117 cannabis plants growing in a shed on the roof of his house. Another 670 plants were found on Liu’s farm, grown among ginger and other crops.

Liu fled ahead of the police raid, but turned himself in on August 7. Liu then led police to a further 574 plants which he had fled with and discarded.

With a total of 1,361 plants, the bust became the largest cannabis growing operation uncovered in the history of Taiwan law enforcement.

Police said that Liu began growing in 2019 after being released from a 2-year prison term he served for fraud offenses.

Police suspect that Liu sold the product at NT$800 per gram, estimating a wholesale value of the seized crop at NT$320 million, and a street value estimated at around NT$600 million.

Picture: Police Department media release.
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