Biden reassures: if Taiwan were invaded, the US would respond

The United States would respond to any action against, or invasion of Taiwan, US President Joe Biden said during an interview with ABC News George Stephanopoulos, Wednesday, August 18.

In his first interview since the US’ chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan began, Biden made reassurances that the United States can be trusted to stand by its allies in Europe and the Indo-Pacific region.

“You already see China telling Taiwan, ‘See? You can’t count on the Americans,'” Stephanopoulos prompted Biden.

“Why wouldn’t China say that?” Biden responded.

“There’s a fundamental difference between Taiwan, South Korea, NATO. We are in a situation where they are entities we’ve made agreements with based on not a civil war they’re having on that island or in South Korea, but on an agreement where they have a unity government that, in fact, is trying to keep bad guys from doin’ bad things to them,” Biden said.

“We have made – kept every commitment. We made a sacred commitment to Article Five that if in fact anyone were to invade or take action against our NATO allies, we would respond. Same with Japan, same with South Korea, same with Taiwan. It’s not even comparable to talk about that.”

Biden’s comments were made as part of a much longer exclusive interview with Stephanopoulos focused on the apparent debacle of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Chinese government has exploited the chaotic events in Afghanistan in psychological warfare against the Taiwanese people, suggesting that Uncle Sam would not stand with Taiwan if it came to actual push and shove in the Taiwan Strait.

Former President Donald J. Trump in previous days also criticized the current administration for appearing weak in the face of the increasingly assertive Xi regime.

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