Automatic driver assist involved in most collisions with freeway maintenance vehicles: 29 crashes in just 3 months

Taiwan’s National Highway Police Bureau is warning drivers to not be overdependent on automated driver assist systems after reviewing data on the causes of 29 incidents involving cars rear-ending freeway construction and maintenance vehicles so far this year.

composite image showing 6 crash incidents involving freeway maintenance and construction vehicles

Police said that an increasing number of cars are equipped with advanced driver assistance Systems (ADAS). While these can reduce the burden on drivers, the systems are not flawless, and the driver still needs to maintain awareness and be able to maintain control of the vehicle according to the driving conditions at any time.

National Highway Police compiled information from vehicle manuals for each driver assistance function and said that there are many conditions which can affect the normal function of the automated driving system. Conditions include large variations in speed between two different vehicles, other vehicles not driving in the middle of the lane or suddenly cutting into the lane, special forms of vehicles, objects, or pedestrians not conforming to the optical recognition system software, large slopes and curves affecting radar detection angle, and weather conditions such as dense fog, rain, strong light, etc.

The National Highway Police Bureau urged drivers to keep an eye on the dynamics ahead of the car at all times even when the driver assist system is turned on, and to hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands, so that they can respond appropriately if an emergency situation occurs. 

If you feel tired or unable to concentrate while driving, you should stop at the nearest service area, or leave the freeway to take a rest.

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