Armed bank robber arrested after attempting to shoot at police

An armed bank robber attempted to shoot at police officers, but was arrested after his gun jammed and broke apart in Kaohsiung City today, February 11.

According to reports, a 50-year-old man named Ye, drove a black Porsche Boxster to a branch of Changhua Bank on Bo’ai Road in Gushan District shortly after noon. Ye entered the bank, threatened a bank teller with a handgun, handed over a plastic bag, and ordered the teller to fill it up with cash.

Bank employees pressed an alarm button, alerting police on patrol nearby. Police officers rushed to the scene and confronted the gunman. Police bodycam and surveillance camera footage showed Ye pointing the gun towards the four police officers, and pulling the trigger three times. However, the modified pistol jammed.

When Ye yanked on the pistol’s slider in an attempt to clear the jammed bullet, the slider completely separated from the pistol.

Ye crouched down to pick up the pistol parts, but as he started to get back up, an office chair suddenly flew over the counter from the bank teller’s side and knocked Ye over. Police immediately rushed forward, spraying Ye with pepper spray before pinning him to the ground and handcuffing him.

According to the investigation so far, Ye runs a beauty and nail salon in Xinxing District. Ye is believed to have attempted to rob the bank because he owes a large sum of money to underground money lenders.

police arrest attempted armed robber
gun used in attempted bank robbery
Porsche Boxster parked illegally outside bank during armed robbery
Not only did Ye attempt to rob a bank and shoot at police, he parked his Porsche Boxster illegally.

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