Anti-communist music video suppressed on YouTube but you can watch it here: maybe

In another example of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spreading influence well beyond the jurisdictions of the single-party, non-democratic state, CCP collaborator YouTube suppressed an anti-CCP music video just seconds after its release.

The Taiwanese developers of the game Reversed Front released the song to accompany the launch of the mobile version of the game scheduled for 8:00 pm, November 23. However, by the time the video went live on YouTube, it had already been flagged, and labeled as “adult only.” The label meant that only people logged in to the platform and considered an adult in various jurisdictions could view the video.

Furthermore, according to the developers, the video cannot be found on YouTube via the search function. The video can only be accessed by direct link. Taiwan English News confirmed this. You can access the video here, if you are a logged in and a confirmed YouTube user over 18.

The theme song for the new version of the game is sung in Cantonese with a powerful depiction of the struggles of the people of Hong Kong against the suppressor police state.

Youtube, a subsidiary of Google, under parent company Alphabet, considered the content of the video not suitable for minors. But what is even more chilling is the willingness of big tech companies founded and based in democratic countries to collude with totalitarian regimes to suppress dissent against a tyrannical regime.

I’ll try to keep it live as long as possible, but DailyMotion has already prevented me from uploading a version. I won’t bother uploading it to my YouTube channel as they already pulled a video and gave me a strike about a China story earlier this week, but others are spreading this anti-united front video faster than the censors can censure.

Let me know when the link goes down, and updated versions appear, as BIG TECH tries to suppress. We are all in this together.

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