Another Tour Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

The driver of a tour bus was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Keelung yesterday. It was the second Sunday in a row to see a tour bus driver arrested for the offence, and is the second offence for the same driver this year.

Mr Wang, 55, was driving a family tour group consisting of 30 passengers back to Taichung after an overnight trip to Ilan County, Sunday, December 10. After being pulled over by police while passing through Keelung City, an alcohol breath test gave a reading of BrAC 0.38mg/l (slightly under 0.08% BAC), more than double the legal limit of BrAC 0.15mg/l.

It was the second time this year that Wang was caught driving over the legal limit while on the job. In June this year, Wang was caught driving a tour bus in Taichung with a blood alcohol level of 0.17mg/l. However, due to the reading being only slightly over the legal limit, and the possibility of calibration error in the testing device, Wang did not lose his driver’s license.

According to police statements, yesterday’s BrAC reading is high enough to rule out the possibility of calibration error, and that Wang’s license will be revoked.

Last Sunday, the driver of a tour bus carrying Korean tourists was arrested for endangering the public after blowing (BrAC) 0.32 mg/l (a little over 0.06% BAC).

tour bus driver tested for alcohol
A tour bus driver blows into an alcohol breath testing device in Keelung City. Mr Wang was arrested after being found to be over the legal limit.
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