Animal Smugglers Intercepted after Entering Taiwan via Kinmen

Three men were intercepted by Aviation police on Kinmen after entering Taiwan from China with exotic animals hidden in mesh stockings attached to their legs, then attempting to board a flight to Taipei, today, July 19.

The Taiwanese nationals were found to be carrying a total of 68 individuals consisting of four species of rodents and birds. The contraband included 32 ground squirrels (Spermophilus), 20 Japanese White-eye (bird: Zosterops japonicus), 8 ferrets, and 8 unidentified birds.

Aviation police at Kinmen Airport said they were alerted by the unusual appearance of the men’s lower legs, and stopped them at the metal detector gate for investigation at around 11:00am.

When the animals were exposed, witnesses expressed surprise that the animals did not squeak. A veterinarian explained that the animals were suffering from heat stress and dehydration, and that some of them were dying. The animals were euthanized, and tested for rabies, avian flu, and other possible diseases.

The three suspects, Chen, Lai, and Wu, were charged with violations of wildlife conservation regulations.

a bird smuggled into Taiwan
A bird that smugglers attempted to import into Taiwan.
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