51 Shots Fired into House: Police Search for Gunman

At around 8:45am this morning in Tainan City, a man got out of a taxi, fired 51 shots into the garage door of a high-end residence, then entered another cab and fled.

Police who arrived at the scene in Anping District recovered 51 bullet shells and 2 rounds of live ammunition scattered on the road.

Fortunately, nobody was harmed in the incident as the residents were asleep on the third floor at the time, and the first floor only housed a Mercedes Benz and a newly-purchased Maserati.

Witnesses said that the shooting only lasted around 40 seconds, although the gunman paused to change magazines 3 times. One person said when they heard the “ping-pong” sounds they were frightened, while another said they had thought the sound was just fireworks.

The residents of the home are reported to be a couple in their 30s, with the surname Yang, who are investors in China’s tea and video game market.

According to investigations so far, police say the gunman was wearing a baseball cap, appeared calm as he was shooting, and then fled down a back alley to a waiting taxi cab in another street.

Police said the ammunition appeared to be standard pistol rounds.

man gets into cab
Suspected gunman escapes scene in taxi, Tainan City, November 17, 2017.

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