4 Year-old Girl Beaten to Death with an Iron Bar and Dumped at Hospital

murder suspect
Suspect arrested for murder of 4 year old girl in Ying-ge District, New Taipei City, November 23, 2017. Picture: China Times.

A 24 year-old man was arrested today after he and his mother took the lifeless body of a four year-old girl to the emergency department of a hospital in Sanxia District, New Taipei City, and told medical personnel the girl had been hit by a car. After providing false names, the two then quickly left.

A medical examination found that rigor mortis had already set in, and that the girl had probably been dead for more than a day. Close to one hundred signs of fresh and old injuries were identified on the body, suggesting long-term physical abuse. Among the injuries was an open fracture of the girl’s right leg, and untreated wounds that had festered.

After police accessed CCTV and traced a vehicle registration number, the suspects were found in their residence in Ying-ge District attempting to commit suicide by burning charcoal. However, a window had been left slightly open.

The suspects told police that the death was accidental, and that they had delayed medical treatment because they did not realize the seriousness of the injuries.

According to media reports, the girl’s mother began serving a prison sentence for drugs offences on October 25, and had left her daughter, born to her ex-husband, in the care of her current boyfriend and his mother.

According to this Liberty Times Network report, the girl, was on the register of “high risk families,” but when social welfare workers knocked on the door, the suspect ignored them as he was wanted by police on charges for fraud.

mother of murder suspect pretending to attempt suicide
The murder suspect’s mother was not only oblivious to the abuse, but also complicit, according to media reports.

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