4 Year-old Dead after Drug Driver hits Scooter

A four year-old girl was killed instantly in Tainan City yesterday after a driver high on ketamine slammed into a scooter, running over the girl, and dragging her mother for 10 meters.

At around 6:00pm, August 2, a driver named Guo, 25, approached an intersection on Wencheng Road without slowing down, and hit a scooter ridden by a woman named Su, 42. Su’s four year-old daughter flew off the scooter and was run over by the SUV. The girl’s helmet was crushed by the wheel of the vehicle.

Ms Su was trapped under the car, which dragged her for around 10 meters before stopping.

A passerby rushed to the girl’s assistance, providing CPR until paramedics arrived, but the girl lost vital signs at the scene and was declared dead at the hospital.

Ms Su was taken to hospital conscious, but suffering a fractured skull, cerebral hemorrhage, and mild lung contusions. Su is currently in the intensive care unit in a stable but serious condition.

According to witnesses, Guo alighted from his vehicle looking stunned and sitting on the ground from time to time. When police arrived they detected the strong smell of ketamine emanating from the vehicle. A search of the vehicle uncovered 9 packs of ketamine totaling 10 grams, 77 grams of MDMA (ecstasy), and 56 grams of “red bean,” which police describe as “a new drug”.

Guo admitted that he was driving under the influence of ketamine, and said he was unclear about the accident.

According to Apple Daily, Guo was in a hurry to deliver drugs to a customer at the time of the accident.

Update: August 3, 7:50pm: Apple Daily reports that Guo Yuji (郭謜稽) has been charged previously for driving under the influence of ketamine three times between 2015 and 2017, and this fourth time, was driving without a license.

drugs in car
Drugs found in Guo’s vehicle.
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One thought on “4 Year-old Dead after Drug Driver hits Scooter

  • August 4, 2018 at 10:26 am

    I’ve been living in Taiwan for 15 years, and I keep seeing children a few months old and whole families traveling on scooters, and I wonder how it is possible that in an advanced industrialized country like Taiwan it has not yet taken serious action against these people that bring children on the scooter? but how is it possible that nobody wonders how dangerous it can be to make an accident with the scooter traveling alone imagined with a 4 year old girl !!
    Do you LOVE crying so much? Do you enjoy the idea of seeing a dead baby girl on the road?
    until the son or nephew of some important politician will not end up on the road … until then you keep making funerals and weeping …


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