19 Year-old Sentenced to Life for Murder

Zhou Jian-liang (周建良), 19, was sentenced to life imprisonment today for stabbing to death an 88 year-old man in Taipei City’s Four Beasts Mountains June last year.

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The murder victim, Mr Lee, was practicing qigong beside a pavilion on Tiger Mountain, when Zhou’s dog began barking at the elderly man.

Zhou got into an argument with Lee, and felt offended about Lee’s remarks about his dog.

Zhou went home and retrieved a knife, returned to the pavilion, and stabbed Lee 27 times.

Zhou, who was 18 years old at the time of the murder, had been put under a supervision order when he was 16, after he stabbed a university student in the back with a 15cm long combat knife, after trailing the man in Xinyi District.

Prosecutors argued that from the perspective of criminal psychology, his first victim was stabbed in the back and put into a critical, life-threatening condition, and the second victim was stabbed from the front and killed. This shows that every time he committed a crime he challenged his own limits and increased his antisocial personal tendencies.

Zhou maintained a deadpan expression during proceedings and was transferred to the remand center after sentencing.

murder weapon and bloodstained clothing
Knife and bloodstained clothing presented as evidence in the trial of Zhou Jianliang.
blood-splattered watch
The murder victim’s blood-splattered watch which had stopped at 7:26am June 12, the alleged time of the murder.
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