15 Kilometer Car Chase Ends with Kamikaze Scooter Cop

Senior police officers criticized a young police officer’s tactic of hitting the throttle as he jumped off his police scooter, sending it crashing head-on into a suspect’s car, during a police chase in New Taipei City yesterday, January 15.

At around 4:00 pm, Monday, police in Banqiao District approached a parked vehicle which they considered suspicious. The driver sped off, with the rear hatch of his hatch-back sedan open.

Weaving through a narrow crowded street, the driver knocked over a scooter rider, as pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter riders scrambled to get out of the way. The driver then headed to an expressway, knocking over a police scooter placed by officers that had attempted to intercept the vehicle.

The driver led police on a 15 kilometer chase, before finally losing speed due to tires being shot out, and crashing into a police roadblock in Wugu District.

As the suspect vehicle came to stop against a police scooter it had crashed into, a police officer gunned his throttle as he leaped from his police scooter, which crashed against the front of the car.

Police arrested two suspects, both with previous criminal convictions. Drain covers, suspected to have been stolen from a junior high school campus, were found in the back of the car.

Senior police officers criticized the actions of two officers who had put their lives in danger by colliding with the suspect’s vehicle. They described the action as reckless, rather than brave.

scooter cop intercepts vehicle
A police officer leaps off his scooter and sends it crashing into a suspect’s vehicle in an action that some media reports described as a suicide attack method, January 15, 2018.

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