World War II Bomb Unearthed in Keelung

Workers digging up pavement at number 4 wharf at Keelung Harbor yesterday, unearthed two un-exploded bombs. The bombs are most likely from World War Two, when American forces bombed targets in Japanese occupied Taiwan, including Keelung and Taipei.

Army bomb disposal experts removed the bombs from the site this morning and searched the site for more un-exploded ordnance. After finding none, they gave the all-clear to resume work.

Keelung Harbor is Taiwan’s northernmost port, and was developed into the island’s largest port by the Japanese as it was the closest port to Japan. In World War II it was an important port in the defense of Okinawa. By the end of the war, the harbor had been almost completely destroyed.

Unexploded ordnance unearthed at Keelung
One of two World War Two era bombs unearthed at Keelung Harbor in northern Taiwan yesterday March 23, 2016. Photo: Keelung Harbor Company

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