Woman Survives Fall from 5 Storey Bridge

A woman in Kaohsiung slipped off a bridge and swam to shore after landing in the water this morning. The woman denied that it was a suicide attempt, and told firefighters that she had slipped because it was too windy.

At around 10:00 am, Ms Lin was seen sitting on the rail of Shuangyuan Bridge facing the sea. Concerned motorists called emergency services, and one man pulled up and called out to her before Lin slipped off the rail, landing in the Gaoping River.

After hitting the water, Ms Lin swam to shore. Firefighters arrived shortly after. Ms Lin was taken to hospital, but was reported to have only suffered abrasions to her hands and feet.

Lin told firefighters that she was not suicidal, but had taken sleeping pills, and had just been sitting on the rail of the bridge, and slipped because it was too windy.

woman in ambulance
Ms Lin said she was not feeling suicidal when she fell off the bridge.

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