Woman Falls From Third Floor and Goes Back to Sleep

A 51 year-old woman in Taichung fell from the third floor of a building and landed on a first floor awning. Her legs crashed through the awning, leaving her upper body resting on top.

Ambulance officers found the woman bruised and unconscious, but not seriously injured. Family members told them the woman had taken sleeping pills and had been hanging a quilt on the third floor balcony when she fell.

Firefighters received a report at around 5:00am that a woman on Henan Road Xitun District was stuck on an awning and appeared to be asleep. Firefighters, police, and paramedics were dispatched to the scene. They found the woman with legs dangling in the air.

Rescuers fitted the woman with a neck-brace before cutting a hole in the awning.

woman stuck in canopy
A woman is seen stuck in an awning after falling from the third floor balcony. Picture: Epoch Times.

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