Truck Driver Loses Head in Industrial Accident

The driver of a concrete transport truck died in Tainan City today after putting his head into the mixing drum of the truck.

Tainan City Fire Bureau received a report at 9:00am that the headless body of a driver was hanging from the ladder at the back of a concrete mixing truck.

After a preliminary investigation firefighters said it appeared the man had put his head into the drum while cleaning or troubleshooting a problem.

The driver’s head was sheared off and ground up by the mixer’s spiral mixing blade.

An excavator operator at the work-site said he grew alarmed when he saw the driver motionless at the top of the ladder for a long time. The operator climbed the ladder to see what was going on and was shocked to see the driver’s head was missing.

Sources: Liberty Times Network, United Daily News.

diagram showig concrete mixing truck
A diagram showing the operation of a concrete mixer truck. Picture: Wikipedia.

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