Tour Coach Stuck in Motorcycle Underpass

A tour coach carrying Chinese tourists in Kaohsiung this morning stuck fast against the top of a low-clearance underpass reserved exclusively for motorcycle traffic.

At around 9:30am, the coach carrying 16 passengers, described as independent Chinese tourists on their way to Kenting, mistakenly took the motorcycle lane of the freeway underpass in Fengshan District. Although the vehicle was damaged, nobody was hurt and the passengers disembarked themselves.

The driver was cagey about what happened. He insisted that his coach was not carrying any tourists. An alcohol test showed that he was not affected by alcohol. But due to his unclear statements police are pursuing further investigations.

bus stuck in underpass
A tour bus stuck in a motorcycle-only low clearance tunnel in Kaohsiung City, October 3, 2017. Photo: UDN

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