Ship Aground on Changhua Coast

A 500 ton Mongolian-registered cargo ship ran aground on the coast of Changhua County yesterday, October 13, during stormy weather and high seas generated by a typhoon in the South China Sea.

The vessel named Lianhe 36 is stranded on the shore of an industrial zone in Hsienhsi Township.

The crew of six were evacuated from the vessel, and an emergency crew boarded to pump out the diesel fuel October 14 to prevent an oil spill if the vessel breaks up. The oil extraction operation was completed in the afternoon. Ten tons of diesel fuel oil and 5 tons of oil contaminated water were removed from the vessel.

Authorities considered attempting to tow the 17 year-old vessel offshore today but determined that conditions were too dangerous.

ship aground on Taiwan coast
The 500 ton, Mongolian-registered Lianhe 36 is seen stranded on the shore of Changhua County October 14, 2017.

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