Search and Rescue Member Swept Away and Missing

Search and Rescue workers are searching for a fellow team member who slipped and fell into a stream on the morning of the fifth day searching for a firefighter who went missing while hiking in Hualien County.

Cold, wet weather, and heavy mist, along with precipitous terrain has hampered search parties, who began searching for Li Yin-xun (李盈勳) on March 3. Li went missing March 1, and was reported missing the following day.

This morning, Wednesday, March 8, Sun Hong-xin (孫宏新), a member of the Taiwan Rock Rescue Association, fell into the fast-flowing Shoufeng River and went missing.

Intercept points have been set up downstream by more than 10 firefighting units dispatched by Hualien Fire Bureau.

A helicopter crew reported seeing a yellow backpack about 1 kilometer from where Sun went missing.

Update 13:07: Sun was found 2 kilometers downstream with no breathing or heartbeat and has been rushed to hospital.

Missing rescue worker found with no signs of life rushed to hospital
Rescue worker swept away while crossing Shoufeng River was found with no signs of life and rushed to hospital by ambulance. Photo: Hualian Fire Bureau via UDN.

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