Rescue Team to Take 5 Days to Reach Hiker

A ground rescue team set out on foot this morning in an attempt to reach a hiker stranded on a ridge in Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range. It is expected they will take 5 days to reach the man.

Mr Lee, 29, went missing after setting out on a hike May 13 [see previous article], but managed to make contact with rescue services by cellphone yesterday after crawling to the top of a 2,400 meter high ridge. Lee said that had injured his leg, had run out of food and water, and was running low on fuel.

Attempts to reach Lee by helicopter yesterday failed due to poor visibility and high winds. Poor weather conditions are expected to persist well into next week, so it was decided to send a rescue team on foot.

Members of the rescue team include firefighters, police, and forestry service officers.

Rescuers fear that the current and ongoing weather conditions put Lee at the risk of succumbing to hypothermia.

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