Prison Walls Turned into 3D Eco-Mural

Photo: Central News Agency

The once drab concrete walls of a prison on Green Island have been transformed into a series of 3D murals, depicting the marine ecology of the island, and surrounding ocean. The murals were unveiled at a ceremony today, Wednesday, 26 October, 2016.

The notorious prison was used by the KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party) government during the martial-law era between 1949 and 1986. Political prisoners were housed there, as well as dangerous criminals and gangsters.

Today, the prison is known as “Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park”, and is open to the public.

The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration and Taitung Forestry Bureau unveiled the new attraction at a ceremony where local elementary students performed a lion dance.

The paintings depict green the sea turtles, gray-faced buzzard eagles, and dragon snapper. Those involved in the project hope it will help draw attention to the importance of protecting the island’s rich and diverse ecological heritage.

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